Finding Affordable Autos

Automobile SalesYou may be in a situation where you need a car, but you can’t afford a big car payment right now. You may be working two jobs, but most of it has to go towards paying the bills and saving up to go to college. You may be just out of college with a starting salary at some company and need to work yourself a couple rungs up the corporate ladder before you can get that Lexus or BMW. Whatever your situation, there are affordable alternatives out there for you until your ship comes in.

Kia is a brand to watch when it comes to affordable imported cars. In a recent U.S. News & World Report article on affordable small cars, Kia models occupy three of the top ten spots in their list. Between the Soul, Forte, and Rio, you should be able to find a look and feel you like at a price below $17,000 without any added options.

For domestic automobile fans, the Ford Focus has long been a staple in the affordable car market, and the latest model continues this tradition. With a base price just over $17,000, it has sleek looks, exceptional handling and an impressive cabin. The Chevy Sonic comes in at an even lower price and has both a large rear seat area and spacious trunk for a vehicle in this small size class. Music lovers will also appreciate the Sonics built-in Wi-Fi.

When it comes to pure affordability, it doesn’t look like anything beats the Nissan Versa, with its base configuration priced at just over $12,500. This car rivals any domestic cars in terms of price. The Chevy Spark would be the Versa’s nearest Domestic price competitor at just under $13,000 for the base model. It is a good option for city commuters as its small size will make it very easy to find and get into that tight parking space that a lot of other cars might have to drive past.

On the slightly higher end, nothing beats the Volkswagen Golf for its combination of low price and, power, handling and interior cabin quality that are closer to those of more expensive cars. In a price range from about $20,000 on up to nearly $30,000 for all the bells and whistles, it is a little more than the other cars mentioned, but represents a noticeable bump up in style and performance.

Whatever your exact financial situation is, take heart that there are affordable automotive options out there for you. They may not be the “cool ride” that your friends may be bragging about, but they’ll get you to that job and back until you can afford those dream wheels.

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